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Character Races

Player characters are all developed from the primary races of this fantasy setting. These races are all generally balanced, with each race having a particular set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that make them unique and interesting characters capable of going on epic adventures!

Every player selects a race for their character. This selection grants the player a set of predetermined ability score modifications and abilities, but also offers them a few options to give their character a level of uniqueness and individuality.

You choose both your class and race in the same character development step because certain races are better suited to certain classes. Big, strong races such as Orc and Neanderthal are excellent physical combatants, while Gnome and Elf characters are skilled with magic and stealth. You are free to build a gnomish barbarian brawler, or an orcish wizard who outsmarts her foes, but you should be aware of the abilities of the class and the race before making your selection.


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