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Character Races

Player characters are all developed from the primary races of this fantasy setting. These races are all generally balanced, with each race having a particular set of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses that make them unique and interesting characters capable of going on epic adventures!

Every player selects a race for their character. This selection grants the player a set of predetermined ability score modifications and abilities, but also offers them a few options to give their character a level of uniqueness and individuality.

You choose both your class and race in the same character development step because certain races are better suited to certain classes. Big, strong races such as Orc and Neanderthal are excellent physical combatants, while Gnome and Elf characters are skilled with magic and stealth. You are free to build a gnomish barbarian brawler, or an orcish wizard who outsmarts her foes, but you should be aware of the abilities of the class and the race before making your selection. 

The 10 available Player Character Races are:

Aesir | DwarfElf | Gnome | Goblin | HumanNeanderthalOrcSpritelingValefor


Basic Character Race Information

Races – Summaries & Descriptions: The following sections detail each of the PC races.

It is important to remember that all of the racial information and details are generic descriptions of the majority of the members of each race. However, each member of any race has unique behavioral traits, emotions, and characteristics. Your character may be one of these unique individuals. Don’t let a generic description deter you from designing a unique and interesting character you will truly enjoy!

-Note: Ages and weights in these descriptions are averages. “Middle Age” implies fully mature adulthood and the end of physical prime. Heights, weights, and ages above and below those listed are possible, but uncommon.



The charismatic Aesir are a race of angels that live in the realm of humans. These rare outsiders may be mistaken as humans or elves, and as such are generally found living within their societies.


While their angelic heritage makes them well-spoken, attractive, and elegant, they are also righteous warriors and powerful magicians, willing to fight to the death to preserve the lives or virtues of their friends and loved ones.


Creature Type: Outsider (Angel)

Aesir - Ability Score Adjustments:+2 WIS, +2 CHA, -1 to any 1 Ability Score

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Common.  INT9+ = Celestial

Creature Size: Medium

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Diplomacy, +2 Sense Motive

Vision & Senses: Diurnal Vision, Nocturnal Vision

Special: Cold Resist 5, Fire Resist 5, Angelic Heritage

Angelic Heritage: You gain a +1 Innate Bonus to WILL Saves, and may choose any ONE of the following:

-Beacon: You can cast Daylight 1/day as a SLA. (Save DC13+CHAMod). (Improves to SL4 Version at Character Level 5)

-Defender: You can cast Life Shield or Protect the Faithful 1/day as a SLA. 

-Heavenly Down: You may use the Featherfall spell at-will (Supernatural [Su], self-only). The featherfall effect produces a glowing image of feathery, angelic wings whenever activated.

-Angelic Wrath: You gain a +1 Innate Bonus Attack Rolls, Damage Rolls, and Spell Save DC against other Outsiders (not Angels). Your eyes glow a brilliant white, yellow, or blue when angered or excited. 

Aesir – Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: The Aesir physique is one of divine beauty and elegance, appearing similar to elves or tall, well-proportioned humans. Their round or pointed ears are a similar size to those of humans. Their skin is quite pale, often with shimmers of silver or gold, hinting at their angelic resistance to both fire and ice. Their hair has a metallic shine, with exotic colors ranging from platinum to pastel blue or pink to a fiery red and orange. Aesir’s bright and captivating eyes allow them to see clearly during the day and at night, with iris colors such as icy blue, gold, silver, or sunlight-yellow.


Social: Aesir generally do not have their own towns or other locales, being fairly rare and spread out amongst the world. They often live within human or elf populations, as their physical stature easily blends within these crowds. Aesir are excellent speakers, fond of leadership roles used to help those in need.


Aesir-Age: Adult-25, Middle Age-70, Maximum-200

Aesir-Height/Weight: Male: 6’-6’8”/150-260lbs Female: 5’8”-6’2” / 120-200lbs

M: 183-203cm/68-118kg F: 173-188cm/54-91kg


Other Info: Aesir can mate with humans or elves, but the offspring gains the characteristics of only one race; an offspring of such a pairing will function as entirely Aesir, entirely Human, or entirely Elf.



 These short, stout, sturdy hominids are renowned for their resilience. Dwarves are generally proud and honor-bound to their homeland and their word. While they may be gruff and hard to get to know, there is nobody more loyal, and nobody you’d rather have at your back in a fight, than a Dwarf who has made the decision to call you their friend.


Creature Type: Hominid (Dwarf)

Dwarf - Ability Score Adjustments:+1 STR, +2 CON, +2 WIS, -2 CHA, -1 DEX

Move Speed: 20

Languages: Dwarven.  INT9+ = Common

Creature Size: Medium

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Craft(Blacksmith), +2 Craft(Stonework), +2 Knowledge(Dungeons)

Vision & Senses: Nocturnal Vision, Deepsight, Tremorsense 10

Special: Slow & Steady, Foe Training, Hardy

Slow & Steady: Dwarves reduce any Mobility Penalty for worn armor by 1. Move and Run Speed are never reduced by wearing medium or heavy armor. Dwarves do not suffer any penalties for Medium Encumbrance.

-Dwarves are Fortunate on any Wrestling check made to resist being knocked prone or shoved backwards.

Foe Training: +1 Innate Bonus on melee Attack Rolls vs Giants and Goblinoids. +1 Dodge Bonus to AC vs melee attacks made by Giants and Goblinoids. 

Hardy: +1 Innate Bonus on FORT Saves. Dwarves reduce any Poison Damage [bio-pois] taken by half.

Optional: Solid Confidence: When creating a Dwarf, you may choose to trade the -2 CHA and -1 DEX adjustment for a -2 DEX and -1 CHA adjustment instead.

Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Battleaxe, Warhammer, Armor(Light), Shields(Light)

-A Dwarf that gains Light Armor Proficiency from a class automatically gains Medium Armor Proficiency. A Dwarf that takes levels in a class with Medium Armor Proficiency also gains Heavy Armor Proficiency.

-If you gain Martial Weapon Proficiency, you also learn the Expert Traits of the following weapons: Battleaxe, Dwarven Warhammer, Dwarven Waraxe, Heavy Greataxe, Warhammer, Maul


Dwarf – Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: Standing just over 4 feet tall, Dwarves are on the low end of “Medium” size, but they are some of the toughest and hardiest people around. With broad bodies, short legs, and dense muscles, Dwarves have a slow pace and weigh roughly twice as much as a human of similar height, but they can carry massive loads without hindrance. Dwarf men are generally taller and bulkier than dwarf women. The skin and hair color of dwarves varies as much as that of humans, with numerous shades of gray skin also being common. 

Dwarves have unparalleled senses in underground environments, and are even capable of sensing foes through infrared light and vibrations in the ground. Their gemstone-eyes seem small inside their broad, solid skulls with deep brows, with colors such as ruby red, sapphire blue, emerald green, amber orange, and even the icy white of diamonds. Their incredible vision also causes their eyes to reflect these colors in darkness, similar to the eyes of wolves and other nocturnal creatures. (This color often matches an individual dwarf’s favorite type of gem!)


Social: Dwarven societies build large, fight with hefty weapons, and train in armor and shield combat from a young age. They prefer to be left alone, building fortresses and cities deep within mountains, away from the prying eyes of outsiders. 

Dwarves are stern and stubborn; they hate to ask for help and are nearly impossible to stop once they’ve made a decision to do something. For millennia, they have defended their mountain homes against giants, orcs, and goblins, rather than risk integration with the humans and elves.

Dwarves pride themselves on their beards and hair, as well as for their drinking and fighting abilities. They are master miners, masons, and blacksmiths, famed for their work with gold, gems, and exotic ores that they use to create powerful weapons and nearly impenetrable armors.


Dwarf-Age: Adult-30, Middle Age-120, Maximum-300

Dwarf - Height/Weight: Male 4’4”-4’10”/120-240lbs Female: 4’-4’6” / 100-160lbs

M: 132-147cm/63-109kg F: 122-137cm/45-73kg



The stoic elves are masters of the wilderness, archery, and magic. They admire nature, art, poetry, and skills that require vast amounts of dedication and training to perfect. Their lithe and seemingly timeless bodies hide decades or even centuries of knowledge and experience. While elves often seem cold and unfeeling to outsiders, those fortunate enough to get close to them learn to understand their subtle emotions and to appreciate their considerate and deliberate nature.


Creature Type: Hominid (Elf)

Elf - Ability Score Adjustments:+2 DEX, +2 INT, -2 CON

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Elven.  INT9+ = Common

Creature Size: Medium

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Listen, +2 Spot, +2 Craft(Bowyer/Fletcher)

Vision & Senses: Nocturnal Vision and Diurnal Vision

Special: Tranquility, Elven Archery, Elven Specialty

Tranquility: You complete a Long Rest after only 5 hours, during which you only require 4 hours of sleep. You also only require half the standard amount of rations and water. You suffer only a -5 penalty to Listen checks while sleeping, and you may remember things you hear while sleeping. You are immune to all magical sleep spells, and cannot be made Asleep by poisons. (You may still only complete 1 Long Rest per day)


Elven Archery: Elves treat their Strength Ability Score as 2 points higher (+1 STRMod higher) when determining which bows they are capable of wielding properly.


Elven Specialty: Choose ONE of the following:

  • Elven Charm: You gain the Attractive trait (or the Very Attractive/Gorgeous Traits cost 1 less Trait Point) and gain a +2 Innate Bonus to Diplomacy. If a spellcaster: 1/day - you can use cast a prepared Guile & Glamer spell at +1SL.

  • Elven Divination: You gain Spell Practice(Divination) as a bonus Feat, and gain a +2 Innate Bonus to Knowledge(Arcana). (You must take your first level in a magic casting class)

  • Elven Hunter: +2 Innate Bonus to Hide, Survival, and Move Silently

  • Elven Nature: +2 WIS, -2 INT. +2 Innate Bonus to Knowledge(Nature) and Survival.

Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Longbow(0-3), Shortbow(0-3), Smallsword, Elven Thinblade


Elf– Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: Elves are graceful and nimble. They are taller and more slender than humans, yet somewhat frail. Elves require very little sustenance or rest, sleeping in a trance-like state that allows them to listen to their surroundings while asleep. 

Many outsiders consider elves to be incredibly beautiful, likely because their bodies maintain a healthy and youthful physique for hundreds of years. Their smooth skin is usually pale to tan, ranging into darker brown, and a rare few even have a green tint. Most elves have brown hair, although green, blonde, red, purple, and black are known as well. 


Elves have thin faces with delicate features, and rarely grow facial hair. Their long, pointed ears are a hallmark of their race, which provide them with excellent hearing. All elves have keen eyesight that allows them to effectively hunt in their homeland forests at all times. Their large, almond-shaped eyes are often a vivid green, though they can vary wildly in color. 


Social: Elves are thoughtful and stoic, and their societies are fairly introverted. They avoid dealings with outsiders unless absolutely necessary. With some elves having personally witnessed the rise and fall of other civilizations, they care not to be bothered with the volatile politics and emotional wavering of other societies.  

Elves understand and respect the natural world. Their societies are famous for an almost perfect balance of the comforts of civilization and the beauty and grace of nature. This harmonious relationship makes Elven cities nearly indistinguishable from wild forests. This is in direct contrast to the orcs, whom the elves see as their antithesis. They have an eternal hatred of orcs, who destroy and abuse nature for their own benefit. Elves do not get along well with dwarves for similar reasons, but at least the dwarves tend to leave the forests alone. Elves’ deliberate and calm demeanor can be mistaken for arrogance or indifference, which often puts them at odds with humans, who seem brazen and impetuous due to their unfortunately short life-spans.

Elves value beauty, poetry, aesthetics, and other skills that normally take decades to master. All elves practice archery from a young age, using it as a form of meditation through which they seek constant improvement of both physical ability and mental focus. 

Elf-Age: Adult-50, Middle Age-250, Maximum-500

Elf - Height/Weight: Male 5’10”-6’10”/120-240 lbs Female: 5’6”-6’2” / 90-180 lbs

M: 178-208cm/54-109kg F: 168-188cm/41-82kg



Officially called “Tinker Gnomes,” they are a small, sturdy race of brilliant and eccentric inventors, artisans, and magicians. Their creativity knows no bounds, nor does their willingness to speak! Gnomes love to share their knowledge, inventions, and life stories with everyone they meet, whether or not this information has been requested. While their constant banter can be somewhat off-putting, their work ethic and expertise is respected and sought after by leaders of societies throughout all the realms.

Creature Type: Hominid (Gnome)

Gnome - Ability Score Adjustments:+2 CON, +3 INT, -2 STR

Move Speed: 20

Languages: Dwarven, Dwarven(Dialect), Common. INT9+ = +1 bonus known language of your choice

Creature Size: Small

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Perseverance, +2 Listen, +2 to any 3 Craft Skills.

Vision & Senses: Nocturnal Vision OR Diurnal Vision (Choose 1)

Special: Very Literate, Gnome Specialties

Very Literate: Gain a +1 Innate Bonus to Craft(Academia). You can read & write any language you can speak. 


Gnome Specialties - Choose TWO of the following:

  • Expert Literacy: You gain Reading Skills as a bonus Feat. Crafting a scroll takes half the normal time. If a wizard, you may add +1 free spell to your spellbook whenever you gain a new Wizard level. 

  • Friendly: You get +1 CHA, -1 INT. You gain a +1 Innate Bonus to Perform(Comedy&Stories), Diplomacy, and Sense Motive. You know +1 additional language.

  • Gnomeland Security: You gain a +1 Innate Bonus on AC, Attack Rolls, and Spell & SLA Save DC used against Kobolds, Aberrations, and Giants.

  • Gnowledge: You gain a +2 Innate Bonus to any 2 Knowledge Skills and you gain Potent Memory as a Bonus Feat.  

  • Magic: You gain one of the following as a Bonus Feat: Basic Magic, Extra Daily Spell, Improved Counterspell

  • Trap Master: You are an expert at mechanical trap design, and you understand the basics of magic traps.

  1. You may use the Spot Skill to find traps in any environment (even magic traps). 

  2. You are Fortunate on all checks made to search for traps and on all Craft  (Mechanisms) checks.

  3. You are Fortunate on all REF Saves made against traps and are not Flat-Footed by trap attacks.

  • Well-Coordinated: You get +1 DEX, -1 CON. You gain Ambidextrous as a Bonus Feat. You are slightly more slender than an average gnome.


Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Repeating Crossbow, Gnomish Boot-Blades, Gnome Tortoise-Blade


Gnome – Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: Tinker gnomes are a small race, standing less than four feet tall with the proportions of a mildly stocky human. They have a broad skull with large ears and distinct noses. They have similar skin tones as humans, and even some shades of grey. Their wide, attentive eyes are quite beautiful, coming in all colors of the rainbow. Their hair color and style has even more variations, with all colors as well as silver, white, and gold being possible.  Male gnomes are often quite fond of their facial hair and may be the only race capable of competing with a dwarf in a beard competition! 


Social: Tinker gnomes often reside in dwarven or human societies, forming their own districts within larger towns and cities. Gnome society is one of innovation and excitement combined with ostentatious decoration, marvelous engineering, and a mild risk of explosions. They enjoy bright colors, precious metals, gemstones, architecture, and intricate machinery.

Gnomes are insatiable learners, constantly taking apart machines to see how they work, studying ancient tomes, testing magic items, or practicing their favorite craft. These optimistic inventors are never discouraged by little problems like alchemical explosions or runaway blade-slingers. They love to ask questions and share what they have learned, which leads to more questions and more sharing. 


Gnomes are respected for their tireless work ethic and admired for their brilliance and engineering, but most other races have trouble dealing with them in person; their incredibly fast-paced speech, relentless conversation, dangerous experimentation, and perpetual activity is just too much for most to handle. 

Note: A dwarven expression for a difficult task is “Harder than getting a gnome to shut his mouth!”

Gnome - Age: Adult-25, Middle Age-80, Maximum-250

Gnome - Height/Weight: Male 3’6”-3’11”/45-90lbs Female: 3’4”-3’9” / 35-70lbs

M: 107-119cm/20-41kg F: 102-114cm/16-32kg


Goblin (Heroic)

While most goblins are content to live a subservient life as underlings to some sort of evil mastermind, a rare few escape the confines of these societies and find themselves on the path of the adventurer. These “heroic goblins” are stronger and smarter than the average goblin, and often feel they have something to prove.

Their small stature and almost comically large ears, combined with their penchant for thievery and general mischief, means they are mistrusted or underestimated at nearly every turn. Because of this, heroic goblins are often frighteningly driven to succeed, determined to avoid returning to the life they left behind.


Creature Type: Hominid (Goblinoid)

Goblin - Ability Score Adjustments:2 DEX, -2 STR

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Goblin.  INT9+ = Common

Creature Size: Small

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +3 Listen, +2 Sleight of Hand

Vision & Senses: Nocturnal Vision

Special: Swamp-Runner, Horde, Goblin Specialty

-Swamp-Runner: Base land Move Speed of 30’. Gain a +1 Innate Bonus to Initiative. You ignore difficult terrain caused by muddy or soggy soil, very shallow water (6” or less), and underbrush such a tree roots, low bushes, and the like. (Very thick brush, such as a dense jungle or hedge, will still slow you down)

-Horde: You may occupy the same space as one other allied small sized or medium sized creature without penalty for either of you. You gain a +1 Tactical Bonus to AC and REF saves when doing so.


Goblin Specialty (Choose ONE of the Following):

  • Hoarder: Gain the Backpacker Feat as a bonus Feat, even without the prerequisites.

  • Scavenger: Gain a +2 Innate Bonus on Craft(Mechanisms) & Knowledge(Civilization). If you dismantle a trap or mechanical device, you gain 50% value as CraComs (instead of only 25%).

  • Rider: Gain either Mounted Combat or Mounted Casting as a bonus Feat, even without the prerequisites.

  • Dirty Fighter: Gain Dirty Trickster as a bonus Feat.

  • Faster Reload: Gain Faster Reload as a bonus Feat

  • Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Simple, Light Shields

Goblin – Additional Information & Descriptions: 

Physical Characteristics: Goblins are a very small race of hominids, most closely related to orcs. Goblins are roughly 3 feet tall with nimble bodies, large heads, and even larger, pointed ears. Their wide mouths are full of rows of sharp teeth, indicating a preference for meat. They have large, clawed feet that allow them to deftly maneuver through swamps and forests with ease. Like most nocturnal predators, goblin’s bright red to gold eyes reflect those colors when a light is shined at them in the darkness.

Goblin – Social: The goblin race is a confusing bunch; they are innately subservient but with zero regard for loyalty, responding to intimidation or shiny rewards with immediate service. They form rudimentary villages in swamps and forests just outside the territory of other races. Goblin tribes are led by the most powerful and wealthy among them. Because they are so easy to bribe and control, they are often found as underlings to more powerful creatures such as orcs, demons, or evil magicians.

Goblins are possibly the greediest race of creatures known in all the realms. They love precious metals, coins, gems, and anything else that they think may be valuable (all of which they call “shinies” or “flair”). Goblins use special shinies, called “raider badges,” to determine social status, power, and esteem. They advance in rank through the collection of badges, which they earn through raiding the villages of other races, looting unwary adventurers, or even stealing from one another. In fact, most goblins are not even allowed to learn from their elders until they have successfully acquired at least 1 raider badge.

Although goblins are dishonorable thieves willing to stab you in the back at any moment, they do not have a death wish. They rarely start fights with other races out of a desire to kill; they just want to steal loot! However, taking loot is easy when they’re dead, so goblins have no problem murdering peasants or an adventuring party if that’s the easiest way to get the valuables. If outnumbered or overpowered, a goblin will always choose to “live to fight another day,” especially if they’ve already grabbed some flair!

Note: This description is for standard goblin society. Heroic goblins much more capable, and very rare! The impulsive and cruel nature of goblin society often drives these heroic goblins out of their small villages and onto the path of adventure.

Goblin - Age: Adult-7, Middle Age-20, Maximum-50

Height/Weight: Male & Female: 3’2”-3’6”/35-50 lbs (M&F: 97-107cm/16-23kg)

Other Info: Other races do not normally find Goblins attractive.



Humans are the most widespread and adaptable of all the races, able to excel at nearly every aspect of adventuring life. They are confident and daring, and have an unparalleled ability to learn new skills and abilities. Compared to many other races, humans live fast and die young. Elves and dwarves often find humans painfully impatient, yet respect their seemingly unstoppable perseverance in the face of adversity.


Creature Type: Hominid (Human)

Ability Score Adjustments: +2 to any 1 Ability Score OR +1 to any 2 ability scores

-Note: This does not allow you to surpass the 20-point natural maximum.

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Common

Creature Size: Medium

Vision & Senses: Diurnal Vision

Special: Skilled, Confident, Bonus Feat

Skilled: You gain +2 free Skill Ranks per character level.

Confident: Treat your Charisma score as 2 points higher when determining Confidence Tokens (or failures).


Bonus Feat: At level 1, you may gain any 1 Feat for which you meet all prerequisites.

Human – Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: Humans are the most common of all the races, and are the most widely varied in body shape and size. They always manage to find their own unique advantages based on their individual body size, shape, and capabilities. 

Author’s Note: Given that you, the reader, are most likely a human, I don’t think you’ll need a very detailed explanation of what humans look like.

Social: Humans are the most adaptable and ambitious of all the races. Their tastes, preferences, and cultures are the most diverse, and as such there is no official “human culture.” 

While other races often regard humans as impetuous, naïve, and impatient, generally due to their short lifespan, they also acknowledge their industriousness, adaptability, and resilience in the face of adversity.

Human-Age: Adult-16, Middle Age-35, Maximum-100

Human-Height/Weight: Male 5’4”-6’2”/120-240lbs Female: 5’-5’9” / 90-180lbs

M: 163-188cm/54-109kg F: 152-175cm/41-82kg

Human Half-Breeds: The adaptability of humans even affects their genetics. Humans are the only race that can interbreed with Elves, Orcs, Gnomes, Spritelings, and Dwarves. When any of these races mates with a human, the offspring shares some characteristics of both races. 

Unless otherwise noted, all Half-Breeds listed below gain the following abilities:

Creature Type: Hominid (Human) Size & Move Speed: Medium Size, 30

Special: Bonus Feat: At level 1, you may gain any 1 Feat for which you meet all prerequisites.

Slightly Skilled: You gain +2 Skill Ranks at Level 1.

Languages: Common Bonus Languages: Any

The other half of your racial mix grants you the following Ability Score adjustments, Skill bonuses, and other characteristics: These bonuses to Ability Score may allow you to surpass the 20-point Natural Maximum.

If two of the same type of half-breed mate, they will produce a similar half-breed offspring. However, if two different half-breeds mate, their offspring could be true human or either type of half-breed. Humans can also breed with Aesir and Valefor, but they do not produced mixed offspring; the child is born either human or Outsider, gaining the creature type of only one of the parents. -All of this information is provided for story and background development. Use at GM Discretion.



These expert survivalists are often found in traditional hunter-gatherer societies. Neanderthals are incredibly tough and powerful, but are less creative and confident than their human cousins. Their nomadic lifestyle, resilience to cold, and innate hunting skills allow them to easily transition into adventuring life. Although less adaptable than other humans, their brute force and survivability makes them a welcome addition to nearly any adventuring party.


Creature Type: Hominid (Human)

Neanderthal - Ability Score Adjustments: +3 STR, +2 CON, -1 DEX, -2 INT

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Common

Creature Size: Medium

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Craft(Stonework), +2 Craft(Woodwork), +2 Survival

Vision & Senses: Diurnal Vision (Crepuscular) - Neanderthals are not Partially Blinded in Low Light.

Special: Cold Adaptation, Archaic Weapon Expert, Human Skills, Athletic Recovery

Cold Adaptation: Cold Resist 5, Endure Elements (Cold)

Archaic Weapon Expert: You gain a +1 Innate Bonus on Attack Rolls with all Simple Melee & Thrown Weapons. If using obsidian or stone weapons, you are Fortunate on any check made to prevent one of these weapons from becoming tattered or broken.

Human Skills: You gain an additional +2 free Skill Ranks at level 1.

Choose 1: Archaic Weapon Expert OR Toughness

-Archaic Weapon Expert: Gain a +1 Innate Bonus on Attack Rolls with all Simple Melee & Simple Thrown Weapons. If using obsidian or stone weapons, you are Fortunate on checks made to prevent these weapons from becoming tattered or broken.

-Toughness: Gain Toughness as a free Bonus Feat (+3 HP, +1HP per Level, Heal extra +2 HP per Long Rest)


Neanderthal – Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: Neanderthals are easily mistaken for strong and burly humans. They are roughly the same height, but with an incredibly solid build. They have a deep and protruding brow and thicker, wider jaws. Their broad shoulders, wide stance, and stockier limbs make them stronger and tougher, but slightly less nimble than their human cousins. 

Neanderthals share most other physical traits with humans, such as similar skin, eye, and hair color. They tend to have more body hair than humans, which is likely part of their incredible resistance to cold environments. 


Social: Neanderthals live in simple, hunter-gatherer societies. They are short spoken and direct, and do not enjoy conversation without purpose. They have a reverence for nature and its creatures, depending on them for their survival rather than advanced technologies of civilization. Their nomadic, subsistence lifestyle means they are a pragmatic and thrifty race. Even those Neanderthals who make the move into a society tend not to be frivolous with money, and are uninterested in the politics, showmanship, and other trappings of civilization.


Neanderthal-Age: Adult-13, Middle Age-30, Maximum-80

Neanderthal-Height/Weight: Male 5’6”-6’4”/160-320lbs Female: 5’3”-5’11” / 140-280lbs

M: 168-188cm/73-145kg F: 160-180cm/63-127kg

Other Info: Neanderthals are close relatives of humans and can interbreed with them to produce either Human or Neanderthal offspring. There are no “Half-Neanderthals,” as they already share many characteristics. 


Note: While the size and breeding abilities of Neanderthals are not scientifically accurate, they have been added for creative story-building in this fantasy setting.



Orcs are the most physically powerful of the common races. They live in brutal tribes ruled by strength, combat prowess, and a strict code of honor. Orc adventurers are rare, often outcast by their own tribes, and shunned and distrusted by other races. These “tribe-less” orcs may find solace with other outcasts, forming strange bands of misfits and adventurers. In time, these bands may be accepted as the orc’s adopted tribe. Although often regarded as oafish simpletons, anyone foolish enough to offend an orc’s tribe will soon discover the power, tenacity, and aggressive nature makes them valuable allies, and truly terrifying enemies.


Creature Type: Hominid (Goblinoid)

Orc - Ability Score Adjustments: +4 STR, -2 INT, -2 CHA

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Orcish.  INT9+ = Common

Creature Size: Medium

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Intimidate, +2 Handle Animal

Vision & Senses: Nocturnal Vision, Scent

Special: Aggressive, Thick Skin

-Aggressive: +1 Innate Bonus to Initiative. An Orc does not suffer the Injured penalty to melee attack rolls.

-Thick Skin: Natural Armor Rating of 1. This increases to Natural Armor Rating 2 at Level 10.

Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Battleaxe, Orcish Cleaver

-If you gain Martial Weapon Proficiency, you also learn the Expert Traits of the following weapons: Orcish Cleaver, Orcish Mega Cleaver, Orcish Double Axe


Orc– Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: Orcs have a muscular physique, standing roughly 7 feet tall with thick, leathery hides of green, brown, and dull yellow. They are proportioned slightly different than humans, with their shoulders and arms being twice as broad and thick as those of a strong human. They have stocky legs, long arms, and barrel-like torsos. Their skin is thick and strong, like a rhinoceros, and is most often green in color, although shades from dull yellow to brown have been seen. 

An orc’s skull is thick and squat, with beady red, yellow, or golden eyes set deep within their brow. Their nose is flat, broad, and exceptionally sensitive, able to track down foes or warn them of an upcoming ambush.  Their small, pointed ears lead into their massive jaw line with their distinguished protruding tusks. Their hair is almost always black, with a rare few having manes of brown or fiery red.

Social: Orc society is simple and brutal, living in tribes ruled by strength and honor. Orcs practice their warfare through constant raiding and pillaging of cities and towns of other races. For this reason, orcs are generally distrusted and shunned by other races.

The immense strength of the orcs is offset by a lower intelligence and lack of social grace. They rely on strength, honor, & fear to uphold their deals. They view trickery & lies as tools of the weak. This makes orcs quite direct in conversation, and remarkably honest. Those who fail to keep their word are punished swiftly & brutally.


Orcs pride themselves on the number of foes slain, the battle-scars they have earned, the women they have taken, and the sons they have sired. Most orc tribes treat women as trophies or property, rarely allowing them to be part of any decision. Female orcs may abandon their tribes in hope of finding equality in other societies, or independence in the life of an adventurer. Leaving an orc tribe is not easy, and most orcish adventurers likely have a dark secret to explain how or why they left, or were outcast from, their clan. Some orc characters may have been raised as captives or slaves by members of other societies. 

Orc – Age: Adult-13, Middle Age-30, Maximum-70

Orc - Height/Weight: Male 6’6”-7’2”/260-500 lbs Female: 6’2”-6’10”/190-380 lbs

M: 198-218cm/109-172kg F: 188-208cm/91-181kg

Other Info: Only other Goblinoids normally find Orcs attractive.

Hobgoblin (Optional Mixed Race)

An Orc-Goblin Half-Breed. When the goblinoid blood of orcs and goblins mixes, it creates a unique type of creature known as a Hobgoblin. Hobgoblins share features of both goblins and orcs, but they are always medium size. Hobgoblins don’t have a set place in society.

Creature Type: Hominid (Goblinoid)

Hobgoblin - Ability Score Adjustments: +1 STR, +1 DEX, -1 CHA

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Goblin/Orc/Common (Choose 1)   

INT9+ = Goblin/Orc/Common (Choose 1) 

Creature Size: Medium

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Listen, +2 Move Silently, +2 Tactics

Vision & Senses: Nocturnal Vision

Special: Dominant Heritage & Goblinoid Traits

Dominant Heritage – Choose 1:

-Goblin Nimbleness: You gain +1 DEX. You gain a +2 Innate Bonus to the Hide Skill.

-Orcish Power: You gain +1 STR and -1 INT. You gain the Scent ability.

Goblinoid Traits – Choose 1:

  • Swamp-Runner: Gain a +1 Innate Bonus to Initiative. You ignore difficult terrain caused by muddy or soggy soil, very shallow water (6” or less), and underbrush such a tree roots, low bushes, and the like. (Very thick brush, such as a dense jungle or hedge, will still slow you down)

  • Thick Skin: Natural Armor Rating of 1. This increases to Natural Armor Rating 2 at Level 10.

  • Faster Reload: Gain Faster Reload as a bonus Feat

  • Dirty Fighter: Gain Dirty Trickster as a bonus Feat.


Spriteling (Fae-Child, The Wee Folk)

While often mistaken for human children, Spritelings are direct descendants of the faeries. They are natural adventurers, having an unbridled curiosity and a love of conversation, tricks, and games. These small, charismatic folk are easy to talk to, capable of finding out information from nearly anybody thanks to their innocent, approachable demeanor. Their immense curiosity makes them impervious to personal fear, yet somewhat distractible. Like most fae, they are friendly and helpful, but they also possess an innate ability to taunt, harass, and frustrate foes.


Creature Type: Hominid (Fae)

Spriteling - Ability Score Adjustments: +3 DEX, +2 CHA, -3 STR

Move Speed: 20

Languages: Orcish.  INT9+ = Common

Creature Size: Small

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Bluff, +2 Listen, +2 Under Cover,

+2 Perform(Comedy & Stories), -4 Perseverance (Mental only)

Vision & Senses: Diurnal Vision

Special: Extreme Curiosity, Chucker, Sure-Footed, Faerie Luck, Faerie Magic

The Sylvan language is considered “secret;” spriteling will not freely share their knowledge of this language with just anyone! It is used between close friends, family, and faeries!

Extreme Curiosity: Immune to Fear, +1 Initiative (Innate Bonus), -4 Perseverance (Mental Only)

        -You have the Extremely Curious negative trait. (You gain no trait points for it.)

         -This -4 mental penalty also applies to Will Saves against any effect that tempts you to investigate something interesting. You may spend 2 trait points to remove this negative trait and reduce the mental penalty to -3.

         Extremely Curious Negative Trait: Whenever you see or hear something interesting or extraordinary, you must make a WILL Save DC(10-20, GM Discretion), or you must try to go investigate. If you are unable to investigate, you suffer a -1 Morale Penalty on all d20 rolls for 1 hour afterwards. (Note: This should not occur more than 1-2 times per session. This trait does not make you careless or stupid. You may slowly & carefully find a way to investigate, or you may choose not to investigate and just take the penalty.)

Chucker: Spritelings are mischievous and love throwing rocks. They gain a +5’ Innate Bonus to the range increment of any thrown weapon, and a +1 Innate Bonus to thrown weapon damage (including all slings).

Sure-Footed: You gain Sure-Footed as a Bonus Feat

Faerie Luck: +1 Innate Bonus on all Saving Throws.

Faerie Magic: You have a Spell-Like Ability you can use 2/day. This allows any of the following spells to be cast: Dancing Lights, Faerie Fire, Ghost Sound, Speak With Animals. (Caster Level = Character Level, CHA based)

Note - Fae Subtype: A Spriteling counts as a Hominid when determining the effects of spells and special abilities, but may also elect to be treated as Fae for any items or abilities requiring the Fae type. Spells that affect hominids affect Spritelings normally. Enemies that gain bonuses against Fae creatures also gain those bonuses against Spritelings.


Weapon & Armor Proficiency: Sling, Sling Staff, Spriteling Slingstaff(+Expert Traits)


Spriteling– Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical Characteristics: The smallest the common races, spritelings have sleight frames and are incredibly agile. They are always moving, and as such are quite physically fit. Their inconspicuously pointed ears, skin, eyes and hair normally share a similar color spectrum with humans. Their fae heritage sometimes displays itself in blue, purple, pink, or green tints in their hair, as well as a rare few with more vivid and varied colors in their eyes. Spritelings like to distinguish themselves through unique hairstyles and outfits.


Social: These small fae folk are friendly and helpful, if somewhat mischievous. They love playing games, telling jokes, and having a good time. Spritelings rarely form societies of their own and are often found living in bustling human towns or gnomish districts where there’s plenty to keep them busy. Their charismatic nature makes them excellent at gathering information and talking their way out of (or into) trouble. They enjoy baubles and nick-knacks, and their deft hands are known to “accidentally” acquire items that they find intriguing. 


Although extremely curious, spritelings bore easily, and are somewhat impatient. They understand self-preservation, and have a strong sense of friendship and camaraderie. The thought of a dear friend, ally, or family member in suffering is abhorrent to them. Spritelings will fight vehemently to protect their friends and loved ones, using their agility, luck, and masterful taunting to frustrate and confuse their opponents. 


Spriteling-Age: Adult-20, Middle Age-50, Maximum-200

Spriteling-Height/Weight: Male 3’4”-3’8”/35-50lbs Female: 3’2”-3’6” / 30-45lbs

M: 102-118cm/16-23kg F: 97-107cm/14-20kg


Valefor (Demon-spawn)

Valefor are a race of demons living in the realm of humans. Their demonic heritage is clearly visible, with horns, long tails, and colorful skin. Shunned and mistrusted by society, valefor generally reside in outskirts or slums, work in underground organizations, or wander the world as adventurers with those who appreciate their talent. Each valefor has unique attributes and abilities based on their particular ancestry; they can be cunning and charismatic leaders, ruthless and efficient warriors, or crafty and elusive rogues.


Creature Type: Outsider (Demon)

Valefor - Ability Score Adjustments: See Demonic Heritage

Move Speed: 30

Languages: Common. INT 9+ = Infernal

Creature Size: Small

Innate Bonuses to Skills: +2 Hide, +2 Tactics

Vision & Senses: Nocturnal Vision, Deepsight

Special: Acid Resist 5, Electric Resist 5, Fire Resist 5, Unique Appearance, Demonic Heritage

Unique Appearance (Trait): You are very easy to remember or identify. Anyone trying to remember you, notice you in a crowd, or otherwise locate you based on appearance gains a +2 Innate Bonus on their checks. This particular version of the trait does NOT grant you an additional trait point.

Note – Basic Valefor Traits: All valefor have some type of horns and a tail. A valefor’s tail is partially prehensile; it can hold small items, but is not deft enough to go through pockets for particular items, attack creatures, wield weapons, or open doors. The horns of a valefor are normally only aesthetic features. Allow players to describe their horns however they like, but they should generally not provide any combat modifications.


Demonic Heritage – You gain a +1 Innate Bonus on WILL Saves, and Choose two of the following:

  -From the Depths: +1 INT, +1 WIS, -2 CHA. Gain the Scent ability. You can cast Darkness 1/day as SLA (CL=Character Level). Your face is notably more demonic, with scaly or folded features around your nostrils, and sharper teeth in your mouth. Other features such as larger horns, longer ears, solid black eyes, additional protrusions or spines, or others may be added if desired.

  -Abyssal Claws: You gain a Natural Weapon - Claw: 1d4+STRMod/20/x2 [s+p]. This increases to 1d6 damage at Level 5. Each of your hands is treated as a Natural Weapon & may be used to make this attack. Any gloves you wear must be fingerless. If you gain the Unarmed Combat Feat the damage increases +1 Die Size.

  -Deceiver: +1 INT, +1 CHA, -1 STR. You gain a +2 Innate Bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy, Under Cover.

  -Legionnaire: +1 STR, +1 CON, -1 DEX. Innate bonus of +5’ Land speed. You have either cloven feet (similar to a satyr) or clawed feet (similar to a predatory dinosaur). You cannot wear boots, but may wear wrappings, horseshoes, or anklets instead.

  -Demonic Hide: You gain a Natural Armor Rating of 1. At Level 8, Fire Resist increases to Fire Resist 10.

Your skin is a rich or iridescent shade of red, blue, or purple with visible scales. Most people will know you are demonic on sight.

  -Trickster: +1 DEX, +1 INT, -1 STR. You gain a +2 Innate Bonus to Acrobatics, Move Silently, Sleight of Hand

  -Fully Prehensile Tail: +1 DEX. You gain a +1 Innate Bonus on Wrestling checks. Your tail can carry, wield, and store small items. The tail may wield a light weapon as if held in an off-hand. (Your tail cannot wield a weapon heavier than a “light weapon.” Fine manipulation, such as disarming traps, with the tail is nowhere near as good as a real hand, but may be attempted with a -4 Penalty.) -Feats that affect “Two-Weapon Fighting” also apply to your tail.

  -Hellfire Blood: +1 CHA. You can cast Burning Hands 1/day as a SLA (Big Action, No AOO). Spell Level (SL) = Half Character Level (Min SL1, max SL5) REF Save DC[10+SL+CHAMod]. If a spellcaster, Burning Hands is added to your spells known/spellbook once you access SL1 spells (it does not take up a “spell known” slot, and is always considered “memorized”). At Level 8 you may use this ability 2/day. Your eyes glow red or yellow as if on fire when angered or excited.

  -Tactician: +1 INT. You gain a +1 Innate Bonus to Initiative, as well as Listen, Spot, and Tactics. Your ears are pointed, and your eyes appear to have no pupils, being a solid color with a slight glow matching or complementing your skin tone.

Note: Players may select similar aesthetics presented here for any Valefor if they desire, but they only gain the statistical effects for the two they selected.


Valefor – Additional Information & Descriptions:

Physical: A valefor is quite easy to spot in a crowd; although their size and appearance can vary wildly. Nearly all of them have vivid-colored skin, horns, and long tails. They can be tall and burly or short and lithe, and may or may not have hair. Their skin ranges from blue to red to green to purple, sometimes with iridescent scales or even a thin layer of fur. They can have reptilian claws or cloven hooves, small horns hidden under their hair, or massive horns that curl around like a ram. Their tails can be 3-6 feet long, and some are able to use it like another hand. Their eyes range from pure black to icy blue, fiery red, or shimmering gold.

Social: Regardless of their personality or particular appearance, valefor can never seem to shake the stigma of their demonic heritage. They are shunned and mistrusted by nearly all other races, even being hunted and killed by zealots of certain religious societies. With so few of these rare outsiders in the realms, as well as their unfortunate reputation, valefor do not have their own communities. They often live in the outskirts, slums, and underground areas of human and elven locales, forced to hide from view or disguise their true nature. This makes many valefor primed for adventure, happy to work with the rare few who see past the negative reputation and appreciate them for their individual personality and abilities.


Valefor-Age: Adult-20, Middle Age-80, Maximum-170

Valefor-Height/Weight: Male 5’4”-7’/120-350lbs Female: 5’-6’10” / 90-180lbs

M: 163-188cm/54-109kg F: 152-175cm/41-82kg

Other Info: Valefor can mate with humans or elves, but the offspring gains the characteristics of only one race; the offspring of such a pairing will function as pure valefor, pure human, or pure elf.


The 10 available Player Character Races are:

Aesir | DwarfElf | Gnome | Goblin | HumanNeanderthalOrcSpritelingValefor

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