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Logical Fantasy Gaming

Frequently Asked Questions



Answers to common questions and things worth noting.

We hope these answers give you a better understanding of LFG!

  • Why did you make LFG?
    -LFG was designed as a direct improvement and replacement of the Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 systems. Every aspect of my game was intended to make those systems obsolete. In my opinion, there was too much imbalance in those systems. There were clear “best” and “worst” choices for everything. Some characters were ridiculously overpowered, while others felt utterly useless. I never really liked that. When playing D&D 5e, I found myself constantly losing my immersion and questioning rules that seemed nonsensical to me. So, I took extra care to write rules that are clear and rational. While I have played many other game systems, my love and in-depth knowledge of the d20 format led me to use it as my starting point. -Originally, I started making what I thought would be a little mod system for Pathfinder. About 8 years ago, I began writing new weapon and armor rules, plus some updates for combat and feats. I was thinking I’d make a little 20-page module book, like a “Pathfinder Realism Mod,” or something like that. But every time I looked at a rule, I thought of a way to improve it. I began updating spells, then rebalancing the character classes, updating monsters, modifying skills, and so on. The updates were just piling up, so I decided “You know what, I’m changing everything. Why not just make my own rulebook?” So, that’s what I did! This is important: My game, LFG, was made out of love for Pathfinder and D&D. It is intended to be an evolutionary successor to these games. I had so much fun and so many amazing adventures playing those games with my friends! All my knowledge of RPG gaming was learned through them (Plus AD&D as well!). My goal was to make them even better than they already were. While LFG is an improvement upon these games, I recognize that its existence is impossible without its predecessors. So, again, thank you to Pathfinder & D&D for the inspiration! -Please note that LFG is not officially affiliated with Pathfinder or D&D in any way. I simply wish to give these games credit for their inspiration and impact on my life and my game design.
  • Why should I play LFG instead of D&D, Pathfinder, or another fantasy RPG system?
    -If you’re looking for the most immersive and believable fantasy experience, LFG is your game! If you want dynamic combat where your character can interrupt enemies instead of waiting around for your pre-planned turn, then LFG is for you. -LFG is the best game to play if you are looking for high levels of character customization, realism, and well-explained rules. LFG has a much higher level of believability than most other games within this genre. Its attention to detail and scientific and historical accuracy are well beyond most other systems. -Adding realism also adds complexity to a game system. If you want a very simple game with streamlined rules, check out something like Atomic Highway, 13th Age, or D&D 5e. The overall rules of these games are very simple and quick to learn. This simplicity comes at the cost of customization, realism, and specific rulings. These games are good for new players who want to try out the RPG genre, but they can be difficult for inexperienced GMs because so many rulings are left open to their interpretation and on-the-fly decisions. If you have a skilled GM and a group of new players, these games are a good option to get your friends into the RPG genre.
  • Do I need to use any specific world, universe, or story to play LFG?
    -You can use any world or story you like! LFG was designed to work with any fantasy setting and any story you desire.
  • Can I use a story or adventure path from another game system with the LFG rules?
    -Yes! The LFG rules can be easily incorporated with adventure paths and stories from other d20 game systems, such as Pathfinder or D&D. You can use all the locations, deities, lore, and story details from another adventure while using the LFG system for the rules of your character creation, combat, and adventuring. -Many monsters from other systems are also present in the LFG manual. If needed, other creatures, characters, and monsters may be updated & modified to use the LFG system. See Chapter 15 for details on monsters!
  • What if I don’t like one of the rules?
    -The rules for LFG are intended to make combat & adventuring as realistic as possible. If any of these rules are interfering with your story or your entertainment, you may modify or ignore the rule as you see fit.
  • What if I can’t find a rule for something that happens in my game?
    -Just make a decision and move on! -The GM should choose the most rational and believable outcome possible. Because fantasy games are up to your imagination, writing a rule for every situation is impossible. Use your discretion to resolve the situation in whatever way works best for your story! It’s generally more fun to keep the story going rather than to get bogged down trying to hunt down a specific rule. -If you like, you can search for a rule after the game session has ended to be better prepared for your next session.
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