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Class Overview

A Fighter is a master combatant who trains in all forms of physical combat. Fighters practice weapon techniques, armor and shield use, battlefield movement, and tactics, eventually honing their bodies and minds into relentless instruments of war.

  • This class can be used to portray a town guard, a career soldier, a valiant knight, a scrappy hooligan, a trained gladiator, a loyal cavalryman, martial arts instructor, tribal leader, warrior-general, or a hardened mercenary.

  • The Fighter gains more Feats than any other class, allowing them an impressive array of combat maneuvers, martial techniques, skills, and tactical options. Fighters can use the heaviest armor and shields to gain nearly impenetrable defenses. 

  • In a party, fighters are valued for their martial prowess, strong offensive and defensive capabilities, and tactical leadership. Fighters excel at protecting their allies and defeating foes through use of superior strategy and weapon skill.

  • Fighter characters from fiction & history: Leonidas, Gimli, Little John, Chen Zhen, Achilles, Captain America, Legolas, Caramon Majere, Spartacus, Xena, Lancelot, Joan of Arc (Paladin), Hua Mulan, Sigurd/Siegfried, Brunhilda, Inigo Montoya, Robert the Bruce, Richard the Lionheart (Paladin), Jean Tannen, Genghis Khan (Yes, Genghis Khan is a Fighter, not a Barbarian!)

Hit Rating (HR): Good
Saves:  Good Fort / Bad Ref / Bad Will
Skill Ranks: 7+INT Mod

Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Martial

Armor /Shield Proficiency:  Simple, Armor(Light, Medium, Heavy), Shields(Light, Heavy, Tower)

Hit Points Per Level: 8+CON Mod
Initiative Rating: Fast (+1 per 3 levels)

Morality & Motivations: No restrictions


FIGHTER – Class Level Table

Bonus Feat (Ex): As a Fighter, you gain a bonus Feat at level 1, level 2, and every following even level. This represents your dedication to combat training. You must possess all prerequisites for any Feat you select.


What if I don’t like my Feats?
pon reaching 4th level, and every four levels thereafter (8th, 12th, and so on), you can choose to learn a single new Feat in place of one bonus Feat you already learned. In effect, you lose the old Feat in exchange for the new one. The old Feat cannot be one that was used as a prerequisite for another Feat, class, or other ability. 


Bravery (Ex)-lvl2: You are Fortunate on all rolls made to resist Fear. 

    -Note: Since Spritelings are immune to fear, a Spriteling that gains Bravery gains a +1 Class Bonus to all WILL Saves.

Combat Style – Choose one of the following; Defender, Maneuvers, Battlefield Archer, Tactician: 


Defender (Ex): Your martial skills allow you to protect nearby allies as well. All allies adjacent to you gain a +1 Cover Bonus to AC, regardless of the direction of an incoming attack. If you are directly in the line of attack for an attack on an adjacent ally, you grant Superior Cover(+6) instead of Good Cover(+4). You must be aware of danger (not flat-footed) to grant your allies this bonus. 


Maneuvers (Ex): You gain +1 Class Bonus in the Wrestling Skill. You may use a Big Action to attempt the Trip, Shove, or Grab wrestling maneuvers without provoking AOO.

-You treat your INT and WIS as if 2 points higher for purposes of prerequisites for all melee combat Feats. 

-You may attempt a Trip maneuver using any Reach or Semi-Reach weapon with which you are proficient.


Battlefield Archer (Ex): You gain one of the following as a Bonus Feat: Nimble Reload, Faster Reload, Archer’s Strength Training. (ignore prerequisites)


Tactician (Ex): You gain Tactical Leader as a Bonus Feat. If you succeed a Battlefield Leadership (Tactics) check by 5+, you do not Provoke AOO for doing so. (You must have at least INT10 & CHA10 to select this Combat Style)

Advanced Combat Style – Your selected Combat Style improves:


Advanced Defender (Ex): You gain a +1 Class Bonus to REF Saves. Your defender ability now provides all adjacent allies with a +2 Cover Bonus to AC (Instead of only +1). 

Advanced Maneuvers (Ex): You gain the Maneuver Expert Feat OR the Jiujitsu Swap Feat.


Advanced Battlefield Archer (Ex): You gain Staggering Shot or Quick Aim as a Bonus Feat. (ignore prereqs)


Advanced Tactician (Ex): You gain a +1 Class Bonus to the Tactics Skill. You may use a Swift Action to attempt Battlefield Leadership with the Tactics Skill. 

Weapon Training 1 - lvl 5: You gain Weapon Training as a Bonus Feat. 

Weapon Training 2 - lvl 11: You gain Weapon Training as a Bonus Feat OR you may gain Deadly Weapons for any one instance of Weapon Training you already possess.

Weapon Training 3 - lvl 19: You gain Weapon Training as a Bonus Feat OR you may gain Deadly Weapons for any one instance of Weapon Training you already possess.

Weapon Mastery - lvl20: Your Weapon Training Feat now has the following extra benefits:

-Once per turn while wielding a Trained Weapon, you may spend a Reaction on your turn to make a single attack with this weapon. This counts as an “Attack on Your Turn” for consecutive attacks.

-The Critical Multiplier for any Trained Weapon is increased by 1.

-Ex: An Arming Sword you wield improves from Critical 19-20 / x2 to Critical 19-20 / x3


Leadership (Ex): You have learned to help you allies both on and off the field of battle.

-You gain a +1 Class Bonus to Tactics, Intimidate, and Diplomacy.

    -You are used to working in an orderly fashion, speaking with people of authority, and working together to accomplish tasks. Whenever involved in discussions, bargains, or relations, you may make a DC15 Diplomacy check to grant all allies a +2 Morale Bonus on all Charisma-based Skills for a single scene, so long as you remain by their side (or within a reasonable distance; able to be seen and heard). You need not be the primary person in the discussion, but you are able to make simple yet helpful comments or re-wordings throughout.

    This ability cannot enhance any of the perform Skills. It is meant to aid in actions such as negotiations, bartering and sales, questioning captives, or intimidating foes. Uses may be limited or enhanced at your GM’s discretion.


Efficient Combatant (Ex): You are used to wearing armor and carrying equipment in all types of situations.

-Reduce your overall Mobility Penalty by 1 (minimum 0).

-The penalty to your Move Speed suffered from heavy armor is reduced to that of medium armor.

-The penalty to your Move Speed suffered from medium armor is reduced to that of light armor. 

-You may use Feats that require requiring wearing light or no armor while wearing medium armor.

-Since dwarves are unaffected by armor move speed, dwarves who gain this ability instead reduce their overall Mobility Penalty by 2. Dwarves with this ability may also sleep in medium armor with no ill effect.


Dangerous Enemy (Ex): If you threaten an enemy within 1 size category of your own along with at least 1 ally, you cause the enemy to be Flanked when attacked by your allies, regardless of their actual positioning. 

-The creature is not considered Flanked against your attacks unless you are actually in a flanking position.

-This ability has no effect against creatures that cannot be flanked. 


Get Down! (Ex): You may use a Reaction to swap places with an adjacent ally that has just been struck by a melee attack, ranged attack, or ranged touch attack (ray). The use of this ability must be announced before total damage is declared. Upon activating this ability, you swap places with your ally and take the blow yourself. Your ally ends up prone in your previous hex.


You are now considered the target of the attack you interrupted. The attack is NOT re-rolled; it uses the initial result with a +4 Innate Bonus to hit you. (May only be used once per round)

-If the attack was a Critical Hit against your ally, it strikes you only as a regular hit.

-You may roll a REF Save DC(10+Enemy HR) to take only half damage from this strike.

-You must be able to see the incoming attack to use this ability, and not flat-footed.

-You may not use this ability if you or your ally are grappled, prone, or somehow physically stuck in place.

True Bravery (Ex): You are immune to Fear effects. Allies within 30’ gain a +2 Morale Bonus on Saves against fear so long as they can see, hear, or otherwise sense that you are alive and functional.

Fighter Variant - Paladin

The Paladin variant of the Fighter may be used to portray a holy crusader or other divine warrior.

  • This is a Variant of the Fighter class. A character may not gain levels in different variants of the same class.

  • Items shown in purple are changes from the standard Fighter class. All other abilities function the same as the standard Fighter class abilities.

Hit Rating (HR): Good
Saves:  Good Fort / Bad Ref / Bad Will
Skill Ranks: 8+INT Mod

Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Martial

Armor /Shield Proficiency:  Simple, Armor(Light, Medium, Heavy), Shields(Light, Heavy, Tower)

Hit Points Per Level: 8+CON Mod
Initiative Rating: Average (+1 per 4 levels)

Morality & Motivations: Your morals & motivations must exactly match those of your patron deity.

FIGHTER – Paladin Variant Class Level Table

Paladin Variant Spells Known / Spells Per Day

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