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Class Overview

A Sorcerer is a confident magician infused with arcane power. Sorcerers possess innate magical abilities that manifest and improve as they gain experience.

  • A sorcerer can be an elegant yet brooding arcane villain, an elemental master, a silver-tongued grifter, a friendly oracle, a mysterious demon-blooded mystic, a dangerously alluring witch, or any other charming or well-spoken magician. 

  • In a party, sorcerers are valued for their reliable and consistent magic. Sorcerers can cast more spells per day than any other class, but they have a less varied selection of spells at their disposal.

  • In combat, sorcerers can control the battlefield, confuse foes, defend allies, or deal massive damage.

  • Their high charisma makes them quite helpful in social situations.

  • Sorcerer characters from fiction & history: Jafar, Oberon, Doctor Strange, Morgana le Fey, Jonathan Strange, Ursula the Sea Witch, Maleficent

Hit Rating (HR): Low
Saves: Bad Fort / Bad Ref / Good Will
Skill Ranks: 7+INT Mod

Weapon Proficiency: Simple

Armor /Shield Proficiency: Simple

Hit Points Per Level: 4+CON Mod
Initiative Rating: Slow (+1 per 5 levels)

Morality & Motivations: Must have at least 1 motivation of Glory.


SORCERER– Class Level Table

Sorcerer – Daily Spells Table

Level | Spells Known | Daily Spell Slots

If the “spells per day” is left blank in the table, you cannot cast any spells of this Spell Level; you are not yet strong enough to harness their power!

Sorcerer – Spellcasting Basics: Key Ability Score = CHA

To be able to learn and cast a Sorcerer Spell: Requires minimum Charisma of 10+Spell Level

Sorcerer Spell Save DC: 10+Spell Level+CHA Mod

Regain Daily Spells & Abilities: Complete a Long Rest

Sorcerer Spell Info: Arcane Magic, Arcane Spell List, Spontaneous Casting (from Spells Known)

Special Info: You ignore the Arcane Focus (F) requirement of all spells you know.

Note: New players may prefer the consistency of the Sorcerer over the daily spell-list-editing of the Wizard.

Spells: A Sorcerer is a spontaneous arcane caster. Your magic comes from within, gaining access to more magic through determination and creative experimentation. You cast Arcane Spells from the “Arcane” spell list, and you can cast any spell you know without preparing it ahead of time. 

-To know or cast an Arcane Spell, you must have a Charisma score equal to at least (10+Spell Level). The Difficulty Class (DC) for a Saving Throw against one of your sorcerer spells is 10+Spell Level+CHA Mod.


Like other spellcasters, you can cast only a certain number of spells of each Spell Level (SL) per day. The number of spells you can cast per day is listed in the table above.


As a Sorcerer, your spell list remains fixed each day, but you can cast any spell you know as many times as you like, provided you have daily spell slots remaining. This makes Sorcerers less adaptable than Wizards on a daily basis, but more reliable and consistent with the spells they know. 


You begin play knowing four SL0 Arcane Spells and two SL1 Arcane Spells of your choice. At each new Sorcerer level, you gain one or more new Arcane Spells known and Daily Spell Slots as indicated in the Sorcerer Class Table. It is assumed that throughout your adventures you have been practicing and harnessing your arcane power. Select the new spells you like from the Arcane Spell List and add them to your character sheet. 

If the number of spells per day is left blank in the table, you cannot cast any spells of this Spell Level; you are not yet strong enough to harness their power!

When you cast a spell, make a mark indicating that one of your daily Spell Level slots has been used. Once you have used all your daily spell slots for a Spell Level, you cannot cast any more spells of that Spell Level until you complete a Long Rest.


Arcane Exhaustion: Casting powerful spells of SL3+ is exhausting. Whenever you cast a spell of SL3+, you must make a Perseverance Check DC10+[2xSL]. If you fail, the spell is cast, but you also suffer +1 Weakened Stage.

-Once you gain access to SL6, you no longer need to make this check for SL3 spells. 

-Once you gain access to SL8, you no longer need to make this check for SL4 spells. 

How do I get my spells back?

You need a Long Rest to regain your daily allotment of spells. If you complete a Long Rest, you awaken with a fully restored spell allotment for the day. If you do not get a full night of rest, you continue using spells from the previous day’s allotment. You may only regain your full daily allotment of spells once per day.


Sorcerer Spell Materials & Components:

Arcane spells generally require Verbal (V) and Somatic (S) components, meaning you need to be able to speak and move your hands. You may still be holding items in your hands. Certain spells may be cast without one or the other. If you wish to cast a spell with a Unique (U) component, you will need that specific component.

-As a Sorcerer, you ignore the Focus (F) component requirement of all your known spells.


What if I don’t like a spell I learned, or I want to swap out my old spells?

Upon reaching 4th level, and every even numbered level after that, you can choose to learn a new spell in place of one you already know. In effect, you “lose” the old spell in exchange for the new one. The new spell must be the same Spell Level as the spell being exchanged, and it must be at least one Spell Level lower than the most powerful Arcane spell you can cast as a Sorcerer. You may swap only a single spell at any given level.

At Level 1, you must select to gain either a Familiar or to gain the Expanded Spell List; Choose one!

Familiar: A familiar is an animal that has a supernatural bond with an arcane caster. Both the familiar and the caster share a portion of their life force with one another, granting each other special abilities. The familiar is a close friend and life-long companion to its master, and they take great care to protect each other. A familiar is normal animal that gains new powers and becomes a magical beast when it bonds with a wizard or sorcerer. 

Your familiar also grants you, its master, special abilities as a result of the magical bond between you. These benefits are permanent, as long as the familiar is alive and bonded with you. 

-For specific benefits, familiar choices, and details, see the Familiar section (Ch 3.10).


Expanded Spell List (Ex): Instead of a familiar, you may know one additional spell of each SL you can cast. You gain this spell as soon as you access a new SL. Ex: At Sorcerer Level 3, you would know 4 SL1 spells and 6 SL0 spells.

-You also gain +1 Daily Spell Slot for your Highest Available SL. This extra slot has a maximum of SL7 at Sorcerer level 13+.


Lesser Arcane Infusion – lvl2: You may select one of the following:

-You may never take the same Lesser Arcane Infusion more than once.

  • Arcane Divinity (Ex): You may add a single SL1 Divine Spell to your list of Spells Known. When you reach Sorcerer Level 6, you may add a single SL2 Divine Spell to your Spells Known. You must select a light color for your Arcane Sight to glow once it is gained (White/Sky Blue/Gold/etc).

  • Arcane Extension (Su): You can cast or discharge a Touch Spell or TAS at +5’ beyond your natural reach.

  • Arcane Motion (Su): You gain a Power Bonus of +10 feet to your natural Move Speeds.

  • Arcane Strike (Su): You gain a +2 Power Bonus to Initiative. Any natural attack or unarmed strike you land deals an additional +1 Force Damage. A flash of magical light is observable whenever you land an unarmed strike.

  • Infused Charm (Ex): You gain a +1 Class Bonus to the following Skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Perform(All), Sense Motive, Tactics, Under Cover. This bonus increases to +2 at Sorcerer Level 5.

  • Infused Sustenance (Ex):  You complete a Long Rest in only 6 hours, requiring only 5 hours of sleep each night. You require half as much food and water to remain healthy and active. (Elves may not select this ability.)

  • Infused Stealth (Su): You gain a +2 Innate Bonus to Hide & Move Silently. If you strike a flat-footed foe within with a physical attack, Ray, or TAS, you may add +1 damage per damage dice rolled. 

  • Infused Talent (Ex): You may gain the Spell Practice Feat for any 1 School of magic.

  • Infused Defense (Su): You gain a +1 Power Bonus to AC. This increases to +2 at Sorcerer Level 15. A slight glow of color is visible when an attack is deflected by your magically protected skin.

Lesser Arcane Sight (Su)-lvl3: Arcane power molds your body & enhances your sight as listed:

  • If you have Diurnal Vision, you gain Nocturnal Vision (or Vice Versa).

  • If you have only Deepsight, you gain Nocturnal Vision.

  • If you have both Diurnal and Nocturnal Vision, you gain Deepsight.

  • If you have Diurnal Vision, Nocturnal Vision, and Deepsight, you gain a +4 Power Bonus on Spot checks

  • As a result of the arcane energy, your eyes develop a very faint glow of color.

-You may choose the color of your eyes when glowing; it is undetectable in full daylight.

-As your power grows, your body also changes in response to the arcane energy flowing through you. At Sorcerer level 3, your veins in your hands darken. Your eyes and hands dimly glow when you cast spells, as well as when you become angry or excited. This glow is primarily a role-play device, though a furious sorcerer in a dark corner would become illuminated. This could cause a penalty to Hide checks, and perhaps a bonus to Intimidate! (GM Discretion)


Cantrips – lvl4: Cantrips: Your most basic magic spells are easily refreshed. You need only 1 minute of concentration to regain one of your expended SL0 spell slots. You must remain still & undisturbed to do so. 

-Depending on the situation, you may be required to make a Concentration check. (DC at GM Discretion)

-If you take a Short Rest, you automatically refresh all SL0 spells you have expended that day.


Arcane Consumption (Ex) - lvl8: You may spend a Full-Round Action (provokes AOO) to regain an expended Daily Spell Slot by expending & consuming the arcane power of unused slots of a lower SL.

You may only regain expended spells for SL to which you already have access.

-You may consume 2 available SL1 Daily Spell Slots to regain an expended SL2 Slot.

-You may consume 3 available SL1 or SL2 Daily Spell Slots to regain an expended SL3 Slot.

-You may consume 3 available SL2 or SL3 Daily Spell Slots to regain an expended SL4 Slot.

-You may consume 3 available SL3 or SL4 Daily Spell Slots to regain an expended SL5 Slot.

-You may consume 3 available SL4 or SL5 Daily Spell Slots to regain an expended SL6 Slot.

Expert Casting - lvl9: You may cast an SL0 or SL1 spell as a Swift Action. You may cast a single SL0 or SL1 spell on the same turn as another spell of any SL.


Arcane Sight (Su) – Lvl10: Arcane power continues to mold your body and enhance your sight. Your vision increases one more step as indicated in the “Lesser Arcane Sight” ability list.

-You also gain the constant ability to see magic auras as if using the SL1 Detect Magic spell. You may suppress or resume the Detect Magic portion of this ability as a Free Action whenever you desire.

Arcane Infusion: You may select one of the following:

-You may never take the same Arcane Infusion more than once (unless indicated otherwise).

  1. Arcane Escape (Su): 1/day, you may teleport up to 30 feet as an Immediate Action. This ability requires only a thought, and may be done while silenced, paralyzed, or otherwise impaired but able to think. If you are not flat-footed, you may even use this ability to dodge a physical melee or ranged attack that would otherwise have hit you. Your belongings and held objects go with you if you desire, and you may choose to leave behind things touching you, such as shackles or ropes. You may not bring any other living creatures with you besides your familiar. You may teleport into locations you cannot see if you are aware of the location, such as through a closed door into an adjacent room. You may use this ability 2/day at Sorcerer Level 15.

  2. Arcane Healing (Su): You can heal yourself using arcane power. You may use a Big Action (Provokes AOO) to concentrate your power and expend one Daily Spell Slot to heal yourself +2HP per expended SL. 
    Your veins become more apparent than normal. They dimly glow the same color as your Arcane Sight when you cast spells and when you become angry or excited. Your blood glows for a few moments upon leaving your body.

  3. Elemental Adaptation (Su): You may change the damage of any elemental damage spell into your selected elemental damage type. You must select one of these four elements: Acid/Cold/Fire/Elec.  This only affects spells that deal Elemental damage. (Ex: A Sorcerer who selects “Cold” could cast a Fireball spell normally, dealing 7d6 Fire damage, or as an “iceball,” dealing 7d6 Cold damage.) 
    -Spells converted to Acid damage always reduce the damage dice by 1 size, and characters that take HP damage from it must make a FORT Save (DC=Spell Save DC) or be distressed with pain for 1 Round.

  4. Elemental Ray (Su): 1/day per 2 Sorcerer Levels, you can shoot a Ray with Short Range (50’) as a Big Action (Provokes AOO). You may choose any one of the following each time you use this ability: 
    -Acid Ray: deals 2d4 [acid], FORT Save DC(10+1/2 Caster Level) or be Distressed with pain for 1 Round
    -Fire/Electricity/Cold Ray: deals 2d6 damage of the selected element type
    -The Elemental Ray deals an additional +1d6 matching elemental damage on a Nat20 Attack Roll.
           -The damage dice for your Elemental Ray increases +1 die size at Sorcerer Level 10. 

  5. Elemental Resistance (Ex): You gain Elemental Resistance 5 to any two elements from the following: Acid, Cold, Fire, Electricity. You may instead choose Resist 10 to one of these elements. If you naturally have one or more of these resistances, the infusion stacks with those. Resistances from this ability double at Sorcerer Level 10.

  6. Infused Physique (Ex): You gain a +2 Innate Bonus to any one physical attribute (STR/DEX/CON)
    Your veins are darkened in your torso, upper arms, and upper legs. They dimly glow the same color as your Arcane Sight when you cast spells and when you become angry or excited. This infusion may be selected multiple times. You may select the same ability score if you desire. You may surpass your Natural Maximum for any Ability Score by 2 Points.

  7. Infused Confidence (Su): You gain (+CHA Mod) as a Power Bonus to any 3 Skills in which you have at least 1 Rank. These may not be Skills already based on Charisma. You may regain 1 spent Confidence Token whenever you complete a Short Rest. (Remember: You can never have more than 5 Confidence Tokens.)

  8. Infused Buffer (Ex): Your arcane power protects you from enemy magic. You are Fortunate on all Saving Throws against Spells and SLA (Spell-Like Abilities).

  9. Infused Familiar (Ex): Your arcane power spreads to your familiar. Your familiar’s eyes change color and gain a glow that matches your Arcane Sight. Your familiar also gains a +2 Power Bonus to AC, a +10’ Innate Bonus to all Move Speeds, and a +2 Innate Bonus to INT. It also gains +1 Hit Point per Sorcerer Level.

  10. Infused Fury (Ex): All Arcane Spells you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage per damage dice (or +20% damage if no dice are rolled). Your veins, eyes, heart, & hands give off light that matches the color of your Arcane Sight. This provides light as a torch of that color. The light lasts for 1 full round whenever you cast a damage dealing spell with this ability. You may choose not to use this ability, thereby avoiding the damage bonus and the light. If you are angered, your body glows in this manner until you calm down (GM Discretion). While angry, you cannot turn off this ability. Infused Fury grants a +2 Innate Bonus to Intimidate checks if used while you are radiating light. Clothing can cover up the light, but all exposed skin must be covered to fully prevent illumination.

  11. Infused Flesh (Su): You gain DR2/Mithryl. This improves to DR3/Mithryl at Sorcerer Level 15.
    -Your skin gains an iridescent shimmer (similar to fish scales or metallic flakes). 

  12. Infused Offense (Ex): You gain a +1 Innate Bonus on all Attack Rolls. You may release a Touch Attack Spell Charge into a physical melee or ranged weapon as part of the weapon attack action. If you miss the attack, the charge is wasted. If successful, the weapon deals damage normally & activates the TAS charge upon your target.

  13. Infused Elemental Conjuring (Su): Whenever you conjure a creature, it gains Resist 10 against your chosen element (acid/fire/cold/elec) and its natural attacks deal an additional +1 point of damage of your chosen element. At Sorcerer level 10+, the resistance increases to 20 and the elemental damage increases to +1d6. If the creature already has the same elemental resistance, its resistance instead increases by +5.
    -If you have Elemental Resistance or Elemental Adaptation, the element used for your Elemental Conjuring must match the element chosen for those infusions.

  14. *Create Your Own Infusion: Confer with your GM to build an infusion of similar power to those above. These should never grant any bonus larger than those of similar types listed above. The GM may choose not to allow any created infusions if he/she so desires.
    -If you wish, you may choose a Lesser Arcane Infusion in place of one of these Infusions.

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