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Class Overview

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A Rogue is a highly skilled character that relies on agility and intellect rather than brute force to defeat foes and accomplish goals. Rogues excel at evading detection, striking at weak points, and outwitting their foes.

  • This class can be used to portray an assassin, con-artist, scout, thief, bounty hunter, ninja, spy, suave businessman, undercover law enforcement, or any other lightly armored, crafty, creative character with an expansive skill set.  

  • The Rogue gains more Skill Ranks than any other class, allowing them an impressive array of knowledge, crafting, stealth, maneuverability, and social influence. Rogues are extremely versatile and highly customizable.

  • In a party, rogues are valued for their ability to find and disable traps, open locks, sneak past guards, react quickly, bluff their way out of tight spots, evade damage and detection, and deal massive damage to unsuspecting foes.

  • Rogue characters from fiction & history: Robin Hood, Han Solo, Dread Pirate Roberts, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, Locke Lamora, Ezio Auditore, Bilbo Baggins, Black Widow, Agent 47, James Bond, Mata Hari, Arya Stark, Sidney Reilly, Aladdin, Will Scarlet 

Hit Rating (HR): Medium
Saves: Bad Fort / Good Ref / Bad Will 
Skill Ranks: 16+INT Mod

Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Shortbow(0-3), Cutlass, Shortsword, Smallsword, Rapier

Armor /Shield Proficiency: Simple, Light Armor, Light Shields

Hit Points Per Level: 6+CON Mod
Initiative Rating: Fastest (+1 per 2 Levels)

Morality & Motivations:  Cannot have the motivation of Honor.


ROGUE – Class Level Table

Sneak Attack+Xd6: If you can catch an opponent unable to defend effectively from attack, you can strike a vital spot for extra damage. To deal Sneak Attack Damage:

-You target must be either Flat-Footed, Flanked, or Helpless.

-Your target must be within 30 feet

-Your target must NOT have concealment relative to you.

-If these conditions are met, you deal +Xd6 Precision Damage to your foe on a successful physical attack.

-Sneak Attack cannot be applied to attacks made as Little Actions, Swift Actions, Free Actions, or Reactions. 

-Note: Precision Damage is an extension of the original attack’s damage type and is added to the weapon’s total damage on a strike. Precision Damage is never multiplied, not even on a Critical Hit!


Rogue Skills +X: Your intuitive sense for trap design and placement means you are adept at spotting hidden dangers and secret doors. You are skilled at dealing with both mechanical and magical traps. 

-You may use the Spot Skill to find traps or hidden creatures in any environment. 

-When you use the Survey Action, you may search for traps up to 30 feet away (instead of 20’).

-You also gain a +X Class Bonus when using Craft(Magic Item) to disable a Magic Trap.

-You gain a +X Class Bonus on Reflex Saves vs traps and a +X Class Bonus to AC against all trap effects.

-You gain a +X Class Bonus to Spot, Craft(Mechanisms), and any 3 other Skills of your choice. 

    -These 3 Skills should match some type of background or roguish style possessed by your character (Cat Burglar, Assassin, Arms Dealer, Pirate, Con Artist, Gambler, Performer, etc) – GM Discretion.

-Suggestion: Indicate these Skills on your Character Sheet with a bullet point or other small mark.

Evasion (Ex) - lvl2: You can deftly avoid dangerous blasts and sudden effects. If you make a successful Reflex Save against an attack that normally deals partial damage or lessened conditions on a successful save, you instead take no damage and suffer no ill effects. Evasion can only be used if wearing light armor or no armor and no more than lightly encumbered. A helpless or pinned creature cannot use this ability.  

Note: In extreme circumstances, the GM may have a character with Evasion take minimum damage, even on a

successful Save. (Ex: If a character trapped inside a solid steel cube 10’ on each side has a Fireball spell explode in the center, they cannot logically avoid ALL of the damage) The situations which qualify for this damage are left at the GM’s discretion.

-If you already possess Evasion from another class, you gain Improved Evasion instead.


Crafty Combatant - lvl3: Rogues use their wits to fight and elude more powerful foes.

-You gain +1 Reaction per turn. You also gain one of the following as a bonus Feat, even without meeting the prerequisites: Improved Feint, Dirty Trickster, Escape Artist

-A Rogue can use this ability in place of Combat Reflexes as a Feat prerequisite.


Uncanny Dodge (Ex) - lvl4: You react to danger faster than most other characters. 

-You cannot be Flat-Footed. (Your FFAC is the same as your normal AC.)

-This ability also confers a +2 Innate Bonus on opposed checks against Combat Feints and Dirty Tricks.

-If you already have Uncanny Dodge from a different class, you gain Improved Uncanny Dodge instead.

-This ability does not function if Heavily Encumbered or wearing Heavy Armor.

-You may still be Flat-Footed if immobilized or tricked by a successful Feint in Combat.


Penetrating Strike (Ex) - lvl4: You are adept at striking into the gaps of unwary foes. Your physical (melee and ranged) attacks made against Flat-Footed & helpless opponents gain the Anti-Armor (AA) property. If using weapons that already have the Anti-Armor property, they strike as AAA against Flat-Footed & helpless foes.

Lucky (Ex)-lvl5: You may reroll a single d20 roll (attack, Save, Skill check, etc) after the success of the original result is announced by the GM (“hit or miss” or “pass or fail”). You may also use this ability to cause an enemy to reroll a single d20 roll after the result has been announced, so long as you are the target or cause of the roll.

-You may use this ability once per day per 5 Rogue levels.

-You must choose to reroll before total damage or other specific effects are known. 


Advanced Stealth (Ex)-lvl6: While sneaking (using Hide and Move Silently), you can move up to your normal Move Speed without suffering a penalty. You may sneak while running with a -10 penalty. 


Connections – lvl6: You know people. You can always find at least 1 person or organization who can help you out. 

Once per game session, you may spend Morality Points to role-play a scenario where you “call in a favor” or otherwise use your connections to your advantage.    “Don’t worry about it. I know a guy.”

  -Small Favor: 1 Morality Point – Low effort, doesn’t go against their morals, doesn’t use many resources, no risk

  -Moderate Favor: 2 Morality Points – Some effort, doesn’t go against their morals, uses some resources, low risk

  -Big Favor: 5 Morality Points – High effort, may be against their morals, uses a lot of resources, high risk

Ex - Small/Moderate Favors: Get an invite to a party, get some medical help, borrow a useful item. 

Ex - Big Favors: Go on a combat mission with you, help break you out of prison, give you the keys to the mage’s inner sanctum.

    -Once you ask a character or organization for a favor, they may expect some help from you in the future! You cannot request a second favor from the same character/organization until you complete a favor for them.

    Note: This ability depends heavily on story, RP, & GM Discretion. The GM may decline favors that don’t work with the story. This is intended as a support device; it should not be used to bypass a main plot point! If you are unsure how to play this ability, here are a few sample favors that should always be available in a town/city setting:

    Guaranteed Moderate Favors:

  1. 25% Merchant Price Reduction / +25% Trade Value from 1 Merchant / +25% Bounty Value for 1 job 

  2. Room & Board for 1 day for up to 4 people (non-secretive), or just 1 person in a secret location.

  3. Locate a shop that sells a specific, non-magical item you need made from standard materials 

  4. Locate a black-market fence to buy/sell illicit items

    -If you have at least 6 Ranks in both Knowledge(Civilization) & Under Cover, you may spend Confidence Tokens instead of Morality Points (or a mix of both) to acquire your favors.


Improved Uncanny Dodge (Ex) – lvl8: You cannot be Flanked. 

-You take no penalties from being flanked, and enemies gain no benefits from using flanking positions against you.     -This ability does not function if Heavily Encumbered or wearing Heavy Armor.


Unique Talents: Once you reach level 10, and at every two Rogue levels thereafter, you gain a single unique talent of your choice from the following options. Unless otherwise noted, you may gain a talent only once.

  1. Feat: You gain a single Feat for which you meet all prerequisites.
    -You may gain this Unique Talent multiple times, selecting a different Feat each time. 

  2. Financier*: If you speak the same language as the merchant, you gain +25% Trade Value on items you sell, and you purchase items for 25% less than their Merchant Price. When agreeing on mercenary jobs or bounties, you can always get 25% more than normal. If you perform for money, you earn 25% more than normal.
    *You must possess at least 10 Ranks in the Diplomacy Skill and a 13+ CHA to gain this talent.

  3. Improved Evasion (Ex): This ability works like Evasion, except you take only half damage from the effect if your REF Save fails, and you ignore all damage and ill effects if your REF Save is successful.

  4. Magical Inhibitor (Ex): Any creature you strike & damage with a physical attack must make a DC20+[2xSL] Perseverance check any time they attempt to activate, maintain, or concentrate on a spell or SLA for 1 Turn. If you damage them as they are attempting to cast a spell/SLA, they are Unfortunate on their Perseverance check.    
    -Note: Any creature damaged while attempting to cast a spell or SLA must make a Perseverance check or lose the spell.

  5. Opportunist: Once per foe per round, you can use a Reaction to make an AOO against an opponent you threaten who has just been struck by an attack or damaging spell from another creature. If the target meets the proper conditions, you may add Sneak Attack Damage to your AOO strikes.

  6. Skill Mastery: You may select 4 additional Skills to gain the benefits of your “Rogue Skills+X” class ability. 

  7. Slippery Mind: This represents your ability to wriggle free from magical effects that would otherwise control or compel you. You are Fortunate on all WILL Saves, and suffer no ill effects on a successful WILL Save.

  8. Tactical Reaction*: Once per round, if you are standing within 30 feet of a foe who threatens AOO, you may spend a Reaction to grant any 1 ally who threatens this foe a Reaction which they may immediately use to make an AOO against this foe. (You must be able to see the foe and your ally must be able to see and/or hear you.)
    *You must possess at least 10 Ranks in the Tactics Skill and a 13+ CHA to gain this talent.

  9. Tactical Strike*: Once per foe per round, if you strike a foe with a physical attack on your turn, you may spend a Reaction to cause this foe to provoke AOO from all threatening creatures except you.
    *You must possess at least 10 Ranks in the Tactics Skill and a 13+ INT to gain this talent.

  10. Twist the Knife: You strike with cruel and painful precision. If you successfully strike with a melee Sneak Attack or Critical Hit and deal at least 5 damage, the target creature is Distressed with pain for 1 Round (No Save).  This ability has no effect on creatures 2+ size categories larger than you. (Strike requires a slashing or piercing weapon) 

  11. Weakening Strike: Your Sneak Attack strikes can weaken your foes. If you successfully use a Sneak Attack to damage your foe, they must make a DC(10+Damage Dealt) FORT Save or suffer +1 Weakened Stage. A single creature cannot gain more than 1 Weakened Stage per Round from this talent.

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